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List of features planned for summer software release (2013)

I decided to create a new theme not to forget the ideas and propositions. Functions which were not implemented in current release will be automatically postponed for this (and next releases).

[STC] The titles of tables editing windows should content the short name of edited table when corresponding window is minimized and full name when window is opened (for instance “Start” and “Editing of “ignition advance angle starting map”).
[STC] Improvement of errors detecting. Also it possible to add the diagnostics of accumulator condition (like serge__5518 proposes).
[serge__5518] Development of static library or DLL for “outside developers”. Approximate view of API is given here ... 1&start=60 (Logs record and analysis).
[dimonfish] To make the adjustable color scheme at least for full-screen mode, and ideally to make a button “day/night appearance for control panel”, because at night the grey background is not very contrasting and is hardly visible, that’s why you have to strain your eyes.
[Stranger21] The control of autogas system valve according to algorithm of Stranger21
[Oberon2010][done] The possibility to set the threshold should be added to tab “Temperature”, in case of temperature excess the specially reassigned output will be switched on. It is possible to hang lamp or sound source on the chosen output. Thus we have an indication of engine overheating.
* This was implemented by means of universal adjustable output (firmwares of autumn 2014).
[STC][done] To add warning (parameters tab “Temperature”) that fan turn-on temperature cannot be lower or equal to turn-off temperature. Or do so that if one temperature changes and comes to limit the other one would also change.
[dimonfish][done] Processing of speed sensor.
[Stranger21][done] Support of two-channel igniter. The one, which has two limiting fronts.
[Stranger21][done] Immobilizer should still be, at least input should be implemented, until it will have +12, it could simulate defective engine. It’s possible to hide sealed contact and magnet, and car thieves will try to drive very long. The immobilizer parameters will be on parameters tab “Security”.
[STC][done] The possibility to change speed, username and password for Bluetooth. Separate tab will appear in parameters “Security”.
[STC][done] Data transfer in binary mode with application of byte stuffing. It’s also possible to keep compatibility with hex (insert compilation option).
[STC][done] Support of Hall sensor. The additional compilation option will appear (HALL_SYNC).
[STC][done] Choke table import (firmware, s3f).
[dimonfish][done] Reassignment of CE output and “BootLoader” and “Default EEPROM” jumpers outputs. This will let to increase the number of outputs in system and will enlarge flexibility.

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