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Functions list planned for autumn software release (2013)

Discussion topic of functions (firmware, manager) planned for autumn software release (autumn 2013).
Functions which due to any reasons were not implemented in summer release will be postponed for autumn release (or next release).
Theme regarding functions in fulfilled summer release viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10#p36
Discussion of summer release viewtopic.php?f=4&t=121

[STC][postponed] editing of RPMs scale (to be completed).
[STC][postponed] Choke control by RPMs with scale of 4 values.
[STC][postponed] Editing of immobilizer keys via manager (tab “Firmware data” or in parameters).
[Chiboo][delayed] Switching off possibility of transition to WS mode if Сam sensor error appears.
[_dx][done] Marks inserting into log by pushing hot keys. It’s possible to insert 3 different marks (red, green, blue).
[uzz][done] Testing possibility of BL/DE outputs in troubleshooting.
[STC][done] Improve manager so that when COM port appears in system (if you haven’t disconnected the cable with opened manager) manager would open the port and connect automatically.
[alvikagal][partially done*] Make setting or compilation option for transferring of instantaneous engine RPMs value (currently averaged value from 16 samples is transferred). Alternatively it’s possible to make so that instantaneous value would be transferred at startup (till RPMs of transition from startup card) and averaged value would be transferred in all other cases.
* averaging was carried out by 4 samples (previously there were 16)
[STC][done] Increase maximal steps number of stepper motor in manager from 1000 till …?
[STC][done] Support of ATMega644 @ 20mHz.
[e-gor][done] Reassignment of output for intake manifold heating. Algorithm discussion is available in this theme viewtopic.php?f=11&t=142
[uzz][done] Value decrease of MAP sensor error response to 0,1 V (currently it is 0,15 V).

Original thread in Russian: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=134

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