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Functions list planned for winter release of software

Discussion topic for functions (firmware, manager), which are planned for winter software release (winter).
Functions, which were not implemented in autumn release, will be postponed for winter release (or next).
Theme regarding the functions in fulfilled autumn release viewtopic.php?f=4&t=134

[STC][done] Editing of RPM scale (needs to be completed)
[STC][done] Choke control by RPMs with scale of 2 values; make the startup addition (10%) available for editing from manager.
[STC][done] Editing of immobilizer keys via manager (tab “Firmware data” or in parameters).
[uzz][done] Possibility to edit the Hall sensor kerf in manager (now 60º by crankshaft is programmed in firmware).
[_dx][partially done] Support of IAT sensor in firmware with 2 tables (first is for sensor calibration, second is for ignition advance angle correction). Besides the ignition advance angle correction this will give an opportunity to carry out octane-correction by means of external adjustable resistor connected instead of IAT sensor.
[Sergey_A100][done] Calculation (control) of accumulation time during synchronization from Hall sensor.
[_dx][done] The possibility to edit the work table of ignition advance angle in view of matrix from input fields 16x16 with indication of operating point in online mode.
[uzz][done] To add the ability to choose odd cylinders number by distributing spark delivery.
[Tom][done] There is a great of the function “copy current consumption to consumption №” in diagram editor. This would significantly speed up the redrawing process.
[alvikagal][done] To add to manager settings the tick “Always record log”.
[andreika][postponed] The possibility to reassign input GAS_V, discussion viewtopic.php?f=11&t=168
[mmlevin][postponed] The possibility to reassign the input of reference point sensor (e.g. for speed sensor).
[STC][postponed] The possibility to reassign one of inputs for lambda-sensor.
[STC][postponed] Universal adjustable output (by RPMs, pressure, time, temperature, voltage, speed sensor).
[STC][postponed] The possibility to reassign one of outputs (IE, FE) to control the injector (mono-injector).
[alvikagal][postponed] The indication of choke location by means of CE.
[DGrees][postponed] Shutdown of CTS if error appears.
[STC] Add several percent for guaranteed 100% choke opening.
[alvikagal] Improve the algorithm of fan startup (after ignition starting).
[_dx] Undo/Redo in windows of tables editing.
[alvikagal] Add the error analysis to log player (what kind of errors and how often did they occur).
[Elektron] Enter the optional correction of MAP sensor upper pressure by atmospheric pressure (switched on the parameters tab “Start”).

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