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28-08-2013 New software release is available (v3.7)!

Software release is available (firmware, boot loader and SECU-3 Manager).

File secu3app/binaries.7z contains 113 different firmware files (different configurations). Archive contains release.txt file with brief description of all firmware files.

File secu3man/binaries.7z contains executable and library files of the SECU-3 Manager program. SECU-3 Manager in the form of single executable file here (works under MS Windows, but don’t work under Wine, so if you want to run from Wine, please use separate binary files).

Link to the archive containing release (including source code):

Briefly about what is new in this release:

Ability to synchronize from a Hall sensor (can be connected either to PS or CKPS input of SECU-3T). So you can use synchronization a Hall sensor in your old distributor.
Support of 2-channel igniters (2 outputs and single input driven by both edges)!
Immobilizer which is controlled by two registered iButtons. Holder for iButtons is connected by means of separate wire to pins of “Boot loader” jumper on the SECU-3T PCB.
Speed sensor support in the firmware and SECU-3 Manager!
Ability to remap CE, “Boot loader” and “Default EEPROM” jumpers as outputs for different purposes.
Special data transfer mode had been added to firmware and SECU-3 Manager. In this mode data is transferred in binary mode with byte stuffing. In this mode SECU-3 can send data packets over than 200 times per second.
Ability to change name and password for Bluetooth. In SECU-3 Manager, separate tab “Security” appeared in the parameters, on this tab you can change name and password.
Now you can import/export choke opening map from/to S3F file.
Added special ability to edit work advance angle map in the 3D view.
Other small improvements and fixes in the firmware and SECU-3 Manager.

Release branches in repositories: ... e_27082013 ... e_27082013 ... e_27082013
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