Post 26 Sep 2014, 00:16

A non-used secu-3T set for sale

I've collected the following set, but now aching money. So...
1.Secu 3T USB unit -$65
2. Choke control unit $25
3. engine for Choke control unit $15
4.Pressure sensor 45.3829 $10
5.Temperature sensor 42.3828 $3
5. Detonation sensor 18.3855 $6
7.Crankshaft position sensor 35.3847 $6
The only missing thing is a double channel coil unit. Can help you to buy. ~$40 I got one, its been usedfor another, double channel ssimple ignition project.
The total is $140

All the points were bought for personal use, to be never used. Just virgin)))
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