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SECU-3 for MAZDA 626 GD engine 1,8l

Good day!
I would like to deliver my report about installation. My case is “blank spark” with two igniters and all proposed sensors. Pulley 60-2 was taken from VAZ – classic and placed to standard pulley. All fastenings for CKP sensor, high voltage coil and igniters are made of aluminum with thickness 4mm. I used the recommended MAP sensor MPX4250AP, put it into separate case and placed it under the bonnet; fortunately there were about 6 nozzles in intakeу manifold and that’s why there were no problems with its connection. Temperature sensor, which is also recommended by developers of GAZ 19.382, is cut directly in engine cooling system, there were place for sensor there (probably for injector type auto).

Knock sensor from BOSCH is fastened between first and second buckets on the level of cylinder middle (There are enough holes with screw on unit). The unit itself is installed in passenger compartment, the unit hasn’t been fastened yet, currently it lies under car audio in process of generating and adjustment so to say. It was a welcome surprise that after installation the car started at once and operated stably even using the programmed curves from NIVA (tittle of car).
I drive already the second day and following conclusions could be done: the engine running is smoother and more quietly, engine thrust has increased, (hope the consumption of fuel will decrease), also makes me glad the stability of idle running, which currently doesn’t depend upon the connected power consumers.

The engine starts slightly harder, here come questions, probably somebody could tell me how to solve this problem? Are there standard graphics for ignition advance angle and how to build curves based on them? Should the angle be summarized? Later I found the answer for my question regarding the graphics for ignition advance angle in the following theme: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=65

Also I plan to install automatic choke and pulse width modulation for fan, I have already ordered the electric petrol pump and now I do the preparations for installation.

Besides it is needed to manufacture the electronic circuit based on relay for tachometer, because my high-voltage one doesn’t operate from igniters.

Here above I added some photos. I’ll be glad to answer any arisen questions. I didn’t remove the distributor yet, removed only wires, distributor is left as backup ignition system.

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