Wiring diagrams for SECU-3T (24 pins connector)

SECU-3T(24pin) and SECU-3 units wiring diagram examples

Minimal wiring diagram with using of  distributor and  synchronization from hall sensor.

SECU-3 Hall sensor and distributor

Minimal wiring diagram SECU-3T unit.  Synchronization from a VR type CKP sensor.

Block Diagram SECU-3T

Synchronization from one CKPS sensor, “wasted spark”

Block Diagram SECU-3T

Synchronization from CKP sensor, wasted spark, using of 2-channel igniter (produced in Russia)

Подключение secu с двухканальным коммутатором

Synchronization from two CKPS sensors (using of non-missing tooth wheel), “wasted spark”

Block Diagram SECU-3T

Simultaneous or semi-sequential injection, Hi-z injectors, stepper IAC actuator. Hi-z injector driver board and stepper motor control unit are used.


SECU-3 unit wiring diagram (old version) click for view

Block Diagram SECU-3

Description and catalogue numbers of the parts:

  1. Idle cut-off valve, installed on carburetor, for instance, 2108-1107420 (Solex).
  2. Starter blocking relay.
  3. 3.0 Ampere fuse.
  4. Power valve,  has to be installed manually on the caburetor thus replacing old  spring and diaphragm, for instance, 2108-1107420 (Solex).
  5. ‘Check Engine’ lamp, 12V and no more than 5W.
  6. Cooling fan’s relay.
  7. Igniter, for instance 0529.3734.
  8. Igniter, for instance 0529.3734.
  9. Twin ignition coil, for instance, 406.3705.
  10. Twin ignition coil, for instance, 406.3705.
  11. Carburator’s limit switch.
  12. Crankshaft position sensor, for instance, 191.3847.
  13. MAP sensor, for instance, MPX4250, Bosch 0 261 230 004 or other.
  14. Coolant temperature sensor, for instance, 19.3828.
  15. Camshaft position sensor, for instance, 141.3855 or Hall Sensor A473.407529.001 (when retrofitting distributor for using it as cam sensor).
  16. Knock sensor, for instance Bosch 0 261 231 176.
  17. Crankshaft position sensor (additional), for instance, 191.3847

Diagrams depicting connection of high voltage tachometer for cases with different number of coils.

Diodes are used for ORing of high voltage signals.

If  tachometer shows nothing, then try to add scheme of 1 or 2 resistors as shown at the picture below.  If that didn’t have effect, then try to select values of R1 and R2, especially R2. In most of cases R2 is unneeded and can be excluded (R=0).

Cooling fan’s wiring when using PWM

Схема подключения силового блока для управления вентилятором при помощи ШИМ к SECU-3T

VT4, VT5 transistors can be installed without radiators. Inductance L1  for example can be RCR1616NP-4R7 , you can also use a piece of ferrite with permeability of 400, D=10 mm, L =30 mm with reeled wire D=1.2 mm. Parameters of the inductor are not critical. You can buy already made fan control unit.


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