Stepper motor control unit (SECU-STEP)

Автоподсос карбюратора

Stepper motor control unit (driver). Intended for use in conjunction with SECU-3 units to drive IAC actuator, gas doser actuator or automatic choke. Can be used as stepper motor driver in other projects (control by means of STEP/DIR).



  • Driver type: bipolar
  • Control by using DIR, STEP signals
  • Can be used with SECU-3 units as well as in other projects
  • Maximum output load current is 1А
  • The current from windings is removed if there are no pulses at the STEP input. If you need a permanent magnetization of the rotor, you can connect ENABLE input (U2/10) to +5. (with VT1, R7, C3 becoming unnecessary).

Manual on how to install automatic choke on carburetor using of this unit see here
Beneath, example wiring diagrams for this unit are shown:

secu3smcu_ext_connector_configConnecting unipolar stepper motor to the SECU-STEP driver
More photos of this unit:
Stepper motor driver unit SECU-STEPBare PCB for the stepper motor driver unit SECU-STEPStepper motor driver unit SECU-STEPStepper motor driver unit SECU-STEP


  1. Bagit_karoch
    18.03.2017 @ 03:44 PM

    Можно ли использовать secu-step с secu 3 micro?

  2. STC
    18.03.2017 @ 04:48 PM

    Можно, если подключить DIR и STEP к перемычкам BL, DE, что на плате внутри блока.

  3. STC
    15.05.2018 @ 10:21 AM

    Блок SECU-STEP снят с производства. Заменен на SECU-DRV8825, который более компактный и выполнен на современной элементной базе.

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