SECU-3T Bluetooth module

Блютуз для МПСЗ SECUBluetooth module for SECU-3T or SECU-3 Micro units. Installed on the unit’s board. Intended for wireless link with PC, notebook or smart phone.


  • Link with PC or notebook (SECU-3 Manager software)
  • Link with smart phones and tablet PC (Secu3Droid software)
  • After installation of this Bluetooth module, USB interface of the SECU-3 unit doesn’t loose its functionality and continue to work as expected in normal mode
  • By default data transmission speed is set to 57600 baud
  • Software (SECU-3 Manager) provided ability to change name and password (for security), as well as baud rate.

If this module ordered together with one of the SECU-3 units, then we install it inside the unit and check before sending of order. You don’t need to install and solder it by your own.

Also, you can order an empty PCB of this module for DIY:

Пустая плата для блютуз модуля SECU-3secu-3t-bt-mod-rev-2-top

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  1. Endryu Donald
    29.12.2018 @ 07:57 PM

    Здравствуйте! Скажите пожалуйста при установки блютуз можно ли с мобильного корректировать карты? Или только присматривать инфу с датчиков

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