SECU-3 Micro installation manual

SECU-3 Micro installation manual includes following sections:

Wiring of ground

Ground should be connected to the SECU-3 Micro unit as shown below:


Different wiring diagrams (examples)

SECU-3 Micro синхронизация от ДХ

SECU-3 Micro синхронизация от ДПКВ 60-2, высоковольтный распределитель

SECU-3 Micro Холостая Искра

Connecting Hall effect sensor


Connecting VR CKP sensor


Connecting coolant temperature sensor



Connecting TPS or throttle limit switch



Input for switching between sets of tables



Connecting IAT (MAT) sensor

Connecting IAT sensor to SECU-3 Micro

Manual ignition timing correction

How to connect variable resistor for manual correction of ignition timing

Connecting embedded MAP sensor

SECU-3 Micro Connecting embedded MAP sensor

Using an embedded stroboscope

If IGN_OUT2 is free, than it can be used for stroboscope (SECU-3 has an embedded stroboscope function). An 1-3W LED (or several bright low-power LEDs) is used as strobe light, which is connected to IGN_OUT2 (J3/5) output:

Connecting stroboscope light to SECU-3 Micro

IGN_OUT2 should be reassigned to STROBE (see SECU-3 Manager User’s Manual).

Note that LED will on steady with little brightness, because IGN_OUT2 output has 1k pull up resistor to 5V. It is normal. If you don’t like it, than remove R7 resistor.

Connecting to tachometer

If you use single ignition output and/or high-tension distributor, the tachometer input (if a high-voltage) should be connected to the primary winding of the ignition coil. If you are using Wasted Spark configuration, you can try to connect a tachometer with one of the following schemes:


BIP373 wiring


Connecting SECU-IGN-DRV4 driver

Example of connecting SECU-IGN-DRV4 driver to control ignition of the 4-cylinder engine in “wasted spark” mode is shown below.

SECU-IGN-DRV4, wasted spark, 4-cylinder engine

Connecting choke actuator (stepper geared-motor)

Connecting SECU-DRV8825 to the SECU-3 Micro ECU

Unit supply

In most cases SECU-3 Micro unit works well with direct connection of supply (J3/12) to the board network. If you install it on vehicles/engines with bad quality of board voltage (ripple, gaps), then you may need to supply unit via following schematic:

Capacitance can be even above, for instance 2200…4700 uF. You can also try to use a 10…20 Ohm, 0.25W resistor instead of diode (nevertheless, usually diode will give better results).

Emergency jumpers

Neutral position (no actions)
Starting boot loader
Resetting EEPROM

Configuring unit’s board


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