SECU-3 Micro Ignition ECU

МПСЗ SECU-3 MicroSECU-3 Micro Ignition ECU is for SI internal combustion engines. This unit is the simplest version among other SECU-3™ units, but at the same time it has powerful tuning capabilities. If you want to abandon your distributor or simply improve/modernize working of ignition on your engine with minimal expenses, then SECU-3 Micro will suit you the best way possible. For example, simplest case, you have a distributor with Hall sensor and ignition module. And you want to escape from mechanical ignition timing regulators (centrifugal and vacuum advance units). In this case you connect SECU-3 Micro unit between a Hall sensor and ignition module, connect to it MAP sensor, TPS sensor  and optional coolant temperature sensor. SECU-3 Micro is a very budgetary ECU, but has powerful features.


  • Doesn’t contain embedded ignition coil drivers (use external ignition module, BIP373 and so on)
  • Outputs have no short circuit and overload protection
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 cylinder engines (for 2 and 4 cylinder engines it is possible to build Wasted Spark configurations)
  • synchronization options: conventional Hall sensor, VR CKP sensor (e.g. 60-2, 36-1 etc)
  • 5 sets of maps, one of which can be edited in the real time!
  • USB interface
  • Open source software
  • Opportunity for Bluetooth installation for wireless link!
  • By default unit configured for using of throttle limit switch  (can be changed using corresponding PCB jumper if you want to connect TPS)
  • 2 outputs with open collector and optional pull-up resistors (default). Second output has protection diode between collector and 12V, so it can be used to drive relay or other inductive load. Outputs can be used not only for ignition, but also can be remapped for other functions.
  • 5V output for feeding of the external MAP, Hall sensor or TPS
  • Input for connecting of the external MAP sensor
  • Input for connecting of the throttle limit switch ot TPS
  • Input for switching between two sets of maps (e.g., you can switch between gas/petrol maps)
  • Input for connecting of  Hall/CKP sensor with optional pull-up resistor
  • Input for coolant temperature sensor (all types of CLT sensors are supported)

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More photos of the SECU-3 Micro unit:

МПСЗ SECU-3 Microsecu-3m_angle4secu-3m_front1secu-3m_angle2secu-3m_angle1secu-3-micro-top1secu-3-micro-front-labsecu-3-micro-top-labsecu-3-micro-angle-lab

When ordering:

  1. Specify, which type of throttle position sensor you are going to use (simple switch or TPS)?
  2. Specify, which type of CKP sensor you are going to use (Hall or VR)?

Several examples of  spread SECU-3 Micro wiring diagrams:

SECU-3 Micro synchronization from Hall sensorSECU-3 Micro synchronization from CKP sensor, distributorSECU-3 Micro Wasted spark

Connecting BIP373 to the SECU-3 Micro unit