Comparison of different SECU-3 units

Comparison of different SECU-3 unit versions.  Here we compare (in a nutshell) hardware features and capabilities, of  SECU-3 Micro, SECU-3 Lite and SECU-3T units. Main features of the SECU-3 system described here.

SECU-3T SECU-3 Lite SECU-3 Micro
Number of external connector’s pins 26 14 12
Number of outputs on the external connector 11 4 2
Number of inputs on the external connector 11 5 5
Number of synchronization inputs (CKP, cam, ref.sensor) 3 2 1
Embedded MAP sensor Yes Yes No
Embedded ignition coils’ drivers No Yes (2 ch.) No
Detonation control Yes No No
Material of enclosure plastic metal plastic
USB interface Yes Yes Yes
Insulation of interface No Yes No
Short circuit and overload protection of outputs No Yes No
Input for connecting of second CKP sensor (ref.sensor) Yes Yes No
Input for connecting of CKP sensor (VR or Hall) Yes Yes Yes
Input for connecting of camshaft position sensor Yes No No
Installation of Bluetooth provided Yes No Yes
Hermetic enclosure No No No
Input for connection of narrow band oxygen sensor Yes No No
Input for connection of intake air temperature sensor Yes No Yes, but not leaded to
the external connector
Connection of iButton provided Yes Yes No
Maximum number of ignition channels 8 2 2
Provided connection of external MAP sensor Yes No Yes
Input for connection of TPS Yes Yes Yes
Fuel injection support Yes No No
Output for controlling of idle cut off valve (carburetors) Yes Yes No
Output for controlling of power valve (carburetors) Yes No No
Smooth control of cooling fan’s RPM (using PWM) Yes No No
Input for switching between tables (e.g. gas/petrol) Yes Yes Yes
Software compatibility with other versions of SECU-3 units Yes Yes Yes

In the SECU-3T unit, some inputs and outputs are combined (input and output connected to the same pin of the external connector). Number of inputs/outputs specified in the above table is based on that ADD_I1 and ADD_O1 are connected to the ADD_IO1 pin, and ADD_I2 and ADD_O2 are connected to the ADD_IO2 pin. So, two pins and 4 I/O. However, by default, ADD_I1 input and ADD_O1 output are split (ADD_I1 is connected to KS_2, while input for second knock sensor is not connected anywhere).

In the SECU-3 Lite unit, REF_S2, REF_S1 pins of the external connector can be used for connecting of CLT sensor and leading outside of 5V correspondingly. By default, REF_S2 pin is used for CLT input, and therefore there are totally 5 inputs on the external connector.

For better understanding see corresponding schematic diagrams and installation manuals.

Comparison of units’ size on photos:

Size comparison of SECU-3T and SECU-3M (Micro) unitsComparison of SECU-3T and SECU-3 Micro sizesComparison of sizes of SECU-3 Lite and SECU-3M (Micro) unitsSECU-3 Lite and SECU-3 Micro PCB comparison

External connectors: