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Modifying  to the car, the engine or vehicle may affect its safety and road worthiness. If you decide to make changes, do it safely as possible and using only the best components and materials (wires, sensors, connectors, etc.), use only carefully planned decisions. At the same time, work well done in home conditions is not inferior to the factory (and in some cases quality can be even better). Remember, whatever you do, you do for yourself and it affects your safety and the safety of others.

Author of the SECU-3 project is not liable for any damage caused to you or your car / engine with the use of devices and software presented on this site. Whatever you do, you do at your own risk and on your own responsibility!

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Hardware is protected by TAPR OHL with one exception: materials from this site can’t be used in commercial purposes without written approval of the author!
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Pay attention that only on this site you can buy original units and devices from the author of project!
Using of materials from this site without a reference to source is prohibited.
You can not use this work in commercial purposes without approval of author.

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