SECU-3 history with photos

SECU-3 and its precursors

History of the SECU-3 project has its origins back in 2005 when the author (A. Shabelnikov) began to develop the first version of the SECU-1 unit (ignition controller). This ignition controller was performed on the ATmega8 MCU, had synchronization from a Hall sensor and drove two wasted spark coils. This unit was even provided the opportunity of synchronization from the contact interrupter. Then there was the SECU-2, which had differences from the predecessor in board and additional features (MAP sensor input, output for the starter ‘s relay control etc).

SECU-1 June 2006 SECU-2 October 2006SECU-2SECU-2

The first version of the SECU-3 unit was developed by the author in April 2007, and then it was periodically updated. Since 2007 till 2011 minor changes were introduced  in schemeatic diagram and PCB. This version is an ancestor of all later SECU-3 units, during the lifetime of this version the basic principles were laid down and software (SECU-3 Manager) developed. Appearance of the first version of SECU-3 unit is shown on next pictures:

SECU-3 29 July 2007SECU-3 29 July 2007SECU-3 29 July 2007SECU-3 29 July 2007

It was manually assembled by A. Shabelnikov from scratch, photomask for PCB was printed on the laser printer. More photos are shown below (again, development of 2007 year and later modifications):

img_2372 img_2369secu3pcb_topsecu3inbodyimg_6882morze-man_01secu-3-old-pcb-top secu-3-old-pcb-bottom

First two photos show board made by the author in person. Other photos depict examples of boards that are made by different users.


When the software features have become superior to the hardware capabilities, a new, improved modification of unit was developed – SECU-3T (autumn 2011). In December 2011 PCB drawing was ready and it was sent to a production. This unit is produced and to this day. For many years the author was working on expanding of the software and making minor changes to the board of this unit. As a result, there is a set revisions of the board.

First version of the SECU-3T board, developed in 2011. Revision 6.

secu-3t_brd_top_back secu-3t_brd_top_front secu-3t_brd_top_rightsecu-3t_brd_top_left

Photo of the bare SECU-3T rev. 6 PCB:


This was followed by board of revisions 9, A, B, C, D. In these revisions big transistors were changed to small and additional space on the PCB was appeared and used for extra components.

Following photos show SECU-3T unit inside and outside with board of revision A:

купить МПСЗ SECU-3T с ДАДКупить МПСЗ SECU-3T USBкупить МПСЗ SECU RS232SECU3_assembled_2SECU-3T_revA_INSIDE_resizedSECU-3T revA RS232Secu-3T_MAP_INSIDE

Photo of the bare PCB of revision A (rev.A):

SECU_3T revA BOTTOMкупить плату для МПСЗ

Board of revision A is versatile in terms of interface (RS-232 or USB). On the top side of board components for RS-232 interface provided, while on the bottom side are components for USB interface. Starting from revision C, two connectors with 14 and 12 pins were used instead of single 24-pin connector, because of this, inputs of the second VR sensor were put into separate connector pins (split from 3 and 4 ignition outputs).

Following photos show SECU-3T unit inside and outside with board of revision C or D:

внутри блока с ДАДSECU-3T revCU6 USB angle SECU-3T revCU6 USB+MAP anglesecu-3t-unit-with-map-front3

SECU-3 Lite

In spring 2015 schematic diagram was developed and in summer PCB drawing was already finished and sent to a production. As a result, SECU-3 Lite unit appeared soon. It is externally and internally totally different from its predecessors, however, it is both simplified and modified version of the SECU-3T. The main and important difference – built-in drivers for ignition coils and electrical isolation of the USB interface.

SECU-3 Lite unit looks like this:

secu-3l_angle1secu-3lite_back1secu-3l_angle2secu-3l_back2 secu-3l_front1

PCB for the SECU-3 Lite unit of revision 4 (last version):


SECU-3 Micro и SECU-3i

In autumn 2015, development of schematic diagrams simultaneously of two units was started – SECU-3 Micro and SECU-3i. Soon, schematic diagrams were finished and in winter 2015-2016 drawings of PCBs for these units were developed.

SECU-3 Micro can be seen  as a very simplified edition of the SECU-3T unit and it is simplest one among other SECU-3 units (its constriction is noticeably simpler even than first SECU-3). This unit is software compatible with other units.

SECU-3 Micro unit inside and outside looks like this:

МПСЗ SECU-3 Microsecu-3m_front1secu-3m_angle1secu-3m_angle2

PCB for the SECU-3 Micro:

Плата SECU-3 Micro

SECU-3i unit is fundamentally different from all of its predecessors and it is not ignition controller, but full featured engine management system. At the same time it can perform the functions of conventional ignition controllers without any problems. Experience gained during years of working on the project was used in development of this unit. All necessary power switches and drivers are built-in inside the unit.  In order to obtain a compact design and versatility at minimal cost, it was decided to place the electronic components on the two boards.

Last development of the author – SECU-3i unit looks like this:

secu-3i_unit_front1SECU-3 Engine Management Systemsecu-3i_tb_pcb_anglesecu-3i_bb_pcb_angle

PCBs for the SECU-3i EMS:


Accompanying developments

Also there was developed a lot of auxiliary devices and solutions. For instance, cooling fan’s speed control unit, stepper motor driver unit, Bluetooth-module for wireless link, unit with P&H injector and PWM IAC drivers , 4-channel P&H injector driver unit, 2-ch P&H injector and stepper motor driver unit, 4-channel driver for high resistance injectors:

SECU-FAN-PWM unitStepper motor control unit (driver) SECU-STEPSECU-3T Bluetooth moduleSECU-3 Lite Bluetooth board with DIY spacesecu3_pnh+pwm_iac-angle14 channel Peak and Hold injector driverSECU-2P&H+STEP unitFour channel high resistance injector driver board

img_2884secu-step-assembled-pcb-top-anglesecu-3-bluetooth-board-pcb-r2SECU-3 Lite Bluetooth board with DIY space PCBsecu3_pnhpwm_iac-front3secu3_pnh_inj_drv4_pcb-angle3SECU-2P&H+STEP assembled boardsecu3_hi-z_inj_drv4


On the cars

The car it all started with… Project author’s Moskvitch-2140 is the first one experienced the benefits of  SECU-3. It was in October 2007.

img_2195 img_2193 img_2191img_2186img_2188

A couple of photos of SECU-3 installations from other users:


Жгут проводов для SECU родной коммутатор работающий от блока secu-3Блок зажигания SECU-3T установили в салонеДатчик положения коленвала и шкив 60-2 для SECU-3Tдатчик абсолютного давления для секиПод капотом (SECU-3)электрическое управление экономайзером мощностных режимов с помощью секупеределанный трамблер для зажигания SECUШкив 60-2 от инжектороной семерки для SECUШкиф, Крышка ДПКВ для SECUДТОЖ для SECU-3TВАЗ 2106 с SECU-3T

secu-3-bmw-e28-525i-l-jet1 secu-3-bmw-e28-525i-l-jet2 secu-3-bmw-e28-525i-l-jet3 secu-3-bmw-e28-525i-l-jet4

A lot of installation examples of the SECU-3 units can be found in a special section on our forum. You can see also a Russian section.

More photos of  SECU-3 units:

SECU-3 Lite unitSECU-3 Micro unitSECU-3i EMS unitSECU-3T unitSECU-3 Lite and SECU-3 Micro boardsSECU-3T unit with embedded MAP sensorSECU-3T and SECU-3 Micro comparisonSECU-3T and SECU-3 Micro size comparisonSECU-3 Lite and SECU-3 Micro size comparisonSECU-3 Micro assembled boardSECU-3 Lite assembled boardSECU-3i assembled top boardSECU-3i assembled bottom boardsecu-3t-bt-mod-rev-2-topsecu-3l_front1img_2891img_2894secu-3l_angle1secu-3lite_back1secu3_pnh+pwm_iac-top1secu3_pnh+pwm_iac-angle1secu-3l_angle2secu3_hi-z_inj_drv4_solderedsecu3_hi-z_inj_drv4secu3_pnh_inj_drv4-angle2secu3_pnh_inj_drv4-angle1secu3_pnh_inj_drv4_pcb-bottom1secu3_pnh_inj_drv4_pcb-angle3secu3_pnh+pwm_iac-angleвнутри блока с ДАДМПСЗ SECU без корпусакупить Комплект МПСЗ SECU-3tплата блока управления скоростью вентилятораБлютуз для МПСЗ SECUМПСЗ SECU со встроенным ДАДМПСЗ SECU rs232купить МПСЗ SECU RS232Многоканальный коммутатор для МПСЗ СЕКУSECU-3T revA RS232SECU Igniters 1купить плата secu-igniters 6 каналов зажиганияSECU-3 с Bluetooth модулемкупить плату для МПСЗSECU_3T revA BOTTOMSECU-3T_revA_INSIDE_resizedsecu3_logo.jpgПлата для автоподсосаКИТ 4-х канального драйвераsecu-step-assembled-pcb-top-anglesecu-step-assembled-pcb-bottom-anglesecu3_pnh_inj_drv4_pcb-angle1secu-3l_frontАвтоподсос карбюратораSECU-3TSECU-3T revCU6 USB anglesecu-3-micro-top-labsecu-3m_front1secu-3m_angle4МПСЗ SECU-3 Microsecu-3m_angle2Плата SECU-3 Microsecu-3l_back2secu3inbodysecu3pcb_topmorze-man_01img_2372img_2369secu-3t_brd_top_backsecu-3t_brd_topsecu-3t_brd_top_rightsecu-3t_brd_top_leftsecu-3t_raw_pcb_editSECU-3i PCBssecu-3-bluetooth-board-pcb-r2img_2884img_2886secu-3i_tb_pcb_anglesecu-3i_bb_pcb_anglesecu-3-igniters-6ch-boardsecu3_igniters_angle3secu3_igniters_angle2secu3_pnhpwm_iac-front3 secu3_pnhpwm_iac-front2secu-fan-pwm-top-angle1 secu-fan-pwm-board-top1 secu-fan-pwm-board-front2 secu-fan-pwm-board-front1 secu-fan-pwm-board-bottom1 secu-3-igniters-6-ch-top secu-3-igniters-6-ch-bottomsecu-3t-rev-a-dlink1 secu-3t-rev-a-dlink2SECU-3 29 July 2007SECU-3 29 July 2007SECU-3 29 July 2007SECU-3 29 July 2007

SECU-3 trademarks and logos

SECU-3 Logo TrademarkSECU-3 Word Trademarksecu-3-logo-2012

Old forums and site of the project

At the beginning and first few years (2007-2010) project was discussed on the ixbt forum in one topic.

Autumn 2010 discussing of the project was started on the forum. Thanks to Fred Cooke.

In May 2013 our own forum on the was launched.

Starting from 2007 and till 2011 project’s site was on the domain. In January 2011 our site migrated to its own domain