13-04-2016 New software release is made (v4.4)!

New software release is available (firmware, boot loader and SECU-3 manager).

File secu3app/binaries.7z contains 42 different firmware files (different configurations). The archive contains file release.txt which has the description of all firmware files.

File secu3man/binaries.7z contains the executable file and the libraries of SECU-3 Manager. SECU-3 Manager in the form of single executable file is here (operates on MS Windows, but doesn’t operate on Wine).

Link for the archive with release (including source code): secu-3_software_release_13042016.zip

Briefly about what has been implemented in this release:

  • Added support of semi-sequential and 2 outputs alternating injection. Supported engines with up to 8 cylinders
  • Ability to control gas dosing using stepper motor actuator and oxygen sensor (closed-loop)
  • Added control of AFR on carburetor using two PWM driven actuator valves and oxygen sensor (closed-loop). Works similar to LADA AXTEC AFR 314012 systems
  • We added the ability to set injection timing on cranking and for rum mode. 2 parameters appeared on “Injection” tab in the SECU-3 Manager
  • Other small improvements and corrections in firmware and program SECU-3 Manager.

The release branches are in next repositories: